Company Health

No two companies are alike, which is why you need employee benefits that are tailored to your business, your industry, and your employees. Whether it’s an HMO, PPO, or self-funding arrangement, our experts will shop the full market of the state’s premier insurance companies to find the best fit for you and your employees while keeping costs under control. We have direct, long-term relationships with our carriers, giving us the ability to provide you with preferred rates. Our experts will also help you stay in compliance while launching a section 125 plan, creating an HSA, filing ACA forms, creating ERISA wrap documents and more! At B2, it’s our mission to make it simple for you to care about the health of your employees all while remaining within your budget.


Wellness programs

An employees mental and physical well being dramatically impacts the quality of their work. We will help you implement a wellness strategy that shows your employees you care and fosters employee productivity.


plan strategy

There is a strategy as to how you should structure your benefits offerings in order to stay competitive when sourcing top talent, let us help you benchmark against your competitors.



Many employees don’t fully understand how to utilize their benefits in a way that will lead to the greatest return on their investment. We help educate your employees on how to take advantage of their full package.