Consultative Approach

To stay agile in a constantly changing climate, you need a 360-degree view of the forces affecting your business. At B2, experts in multiple disciplines are at your disposal to evaluate challenges and recommend solutions in areas, such as payroll, HR, technology, accounting platforms, and sales. We believe in being fully transparent about which services are complementary and which require additional fees.

Here are just some of the services you can take advantage of:


Employment law

Through our network of professionals and in house hotline you can get answers to your toughest business challenges and gain insight to the legality of your current back office process. As part of our partnership you get access to a negotiated amount of consulting hours with one of our lawyers to help advise on business mapping, logo copyright, contractor agreements, and more.


Our team will do a full analysis on your back office in order to help optimize your workflow and automate your process so that your employees can operate strategically rather than functionally. We help your human resources team unify your revenue generating departments around one goal in order to have a positive functional, foundational, and financial impact on your business, ultimately impacting your bottom line.

evaluation of systems

In the age of the digital transformation the systems your company uses to execute on everyday business tasks can either be an asset or a liability. We help you determine the best partners for your business when it comes to payroll, 401K, timekeeping, benefits administration, recruiting, electronic document management, and more.