The B2 Exponential challenge

The insurance market is rapidly adapting to new technology and consumer demands. That’s why, we challenge business owners to simply ask for more from their broker.

With over 30 years of expertise in the insurance industry, we are at the forefront of this paradigm shift and we are redefining what business owners should expect from their brokers. We start by creating reliable partnerships with our clients that last, thus ensuring each of our partners get the strategy, advisory, and plan clarity they need to succeed. You should expect more, and at B2 exponential, we deliver.




We work with all the premier medical carriers to ensure you can access the best coverage for your employees.

Additionally, we have strong relationships with several elite property and casualty carriers to ensure you can access the best rates, quality service, and year over year consistency.



The new model

We have re-imagined the traditional insurance model. Our unique operation allows clients to take advantage of consulting hours as part of their BOR. Here at B2, we bring ideas to the table that help solve some of your most difficult business challenges. We help our clients accurately evaluate and identify the best payroll, HCM, accounting, and technology platforms.

When our clients have personnel needs, we are the first to help source a candidate that meets their specific requirements by utilizing the knowledge and network we have gained through being good stewards of our customers.

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Exponential Difference

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Keith and Derek have been successful insurance brokers for the past 30 years. Starting in personal lines, the brothers worked their way to the top learning everything there is to know about insurance and customer service. After working many years at another insurance agency, they were determined to create a company that redefines the role of a broker in relation to a business. Founded on the values taught to them by their own hardworking father they decided to build an agency that changes the market and challenges businesses to ask for more from their broker. The level of service expected at B2 is unmatched by their competitors because they create an environment for their employees that lets them know that they are not alone, they are valuable, and they are more powerful than they could ever imagine.

The brothers were born and raised in Hermosa Beach. Their ambition and drive came at an early age while surfing competitively and learning the art of dedication. They continued their relentless drive in college where they both studied Finance always with the goal in mind of owning their own business. Dedication to success is what drives Keith and Derek to ensure their clients are provided with the best possible service, coverage, and consultative advice in the industry.


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