Umbrella Plans

Get the Comprehensive Coverage Your Business Needs with Umbrella Insurance

Typical business insurance only covers so much. To ensure that your business is covered throughout any situation, business umbrella insurance can help. This all-encompassing type of business insurance will protect your business when accidents happen—even when your traditional business insurance can’t. This additional coverage provides your business against bodily injury, property damage, and more.

Customizable Coverage for Your Unique Business

Because umbrella insurance can help your business with a wide variety of issues, we can help you customize it to your exact needs. For example, if you’re a law office that entertains clients through parties and other events, you might want to consider expanding liquor liability limits to ensure that your law firm is always safe. To get the best quote, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Details of operations and financial history of your business
  • Copy of your current business liability insurance (if applicable)
  • A detailed history of claims that your business has encountered
  • List of your most prominent employees
  • Annual payroll breakdown

With these documents, our brokers will be able to ensure your business gets the best, most effective coverage for its needs. Because we are connected to over 30 of the best insurance companies in the nation and in the South Bay, we can provide you with preferred rates you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Business Umbrella Insurance FAQ

Business umbrella insurance keeps your business covered throughout any unexpected event. To better understand what umbrella insurance covers, read through our frequently asked questions below. If you still have questions about business umbrella insurance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Black Q IconWhat is umbrella insurance?

Commercial umbrella insurance is a type of policy that gives your business added coverage that traditional business insurance will not cover. It is essentially an extension of your business liability insurance, business auto insurance, or other liability insurance policies.

Black Q IconWhat is the difference between excess liability coverage and umbrella insurance?

These terms are generally the most confused when it comes to getting additional coverage for businesses. With umbrella insurance, your business can get additional coverage for a wide variety of issues, while excess liability insurance only gives you additional coverage for one type of liability.

Black Q IconWhich policies can umbrella insurance be applied to?

To further liability coverages, umbrella insurance can be applied to general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, and employer’s liability insurance. Umbrella insurance cannot be applied to errors and omissions or professional liability insurance, property insurance, or cyber liability insurance policies.

Black Q IconDo I need umbrella insurance for my business?

While commercial umbrella insurance can be a great investment for businesses of all sizes, businesses with high paying clients or those that are constantly involved in lawsuits can especially benefit from this coverage.

At B2 Insurance, we take the time to get to know your business and consult with you in a wide variety of beneficial insurance policies. With our vast network of connections, we can present you with multiple quotes for umbrella insurance to ensure you are in control of choosing the right coverage for your business.

Give Your Business the Comprehensive Coverage it Needs