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We Support Small Business Insurance Needs

Every small business needs insurance because there is no guarantee that you will be safe from accidents, damages, injuries, or lawsuits. We want to help your small business thrive by providing you with the best rates possible for quality small business insurance. We work with numerous top insurance companies to get you the right deal for your particular business and insurance needs.

Affordable Small Business Insurance

Whether you are looking to protect your assets, your property, or anything else, there are many different insurance policies with different purposes. While the law requires businesses to have certain insurance policies such as workers compensation, some insurance policies are available for your company’s benefit and protection. Our experts can help you find the right insurance policies that your company needs the most. Take a look at just a few examples of the different types of insurance coverage.

  • Commercial property insurance coverage
  • General liability insurance coverage
  • Corporate auto insurance coverage
  • Employment practices liability coverage
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Transportation and cargo

If you want to ensure that your employees are are happy working for your company, having small business insurance is important. Employees look for jobs that have health benefits included, and with commercial health insurance, you can attract and retain the most valuable employees.

Small Business Insurance FAQ

We understand that your business means everything to you. Ensure you fully understand your business insurance needs through our most frequently asked questions below.

Black Q IconI work as a freelancer. Do I need small business insurance?

Yes. You, most likely, file as an independent contractor, as you are in business for yourself. When you sign clients, in most cases, their insurance won’t cover you. Having small business insurance will keep you and your work protected in the event that contractual obligations are not met.

Not only will small business insurance keep you and your work protected, it will also let clients see you as a more professional, put together business. This will help put you above other freelance services and can help you get more enticing business opportunities.

Black Q IconWhat happens if I don’t have small business insurance?

If you leave your business uninsured, you are playing a very risky game. You may not think that your business needs insurance right now, but you never know what the future holds. You could be at risk for:

  • Property damage
  • Theft
  • Injury
  • Lawsuits and more

Not only are you putting your business at risk, but you are also keeping it from getting off to the best start. In most cases, you need small business insurance to:

  • Sign a lease
  • Attract client
  • Hire employees
  • Apply for licenses, and more

Without small business insurance, you could be at risk of losing it all. Our small business insurance agents can help take away the burdens of finding the right insurance for your needs.

Ensure Your Small Business is Safe from Accidents, Damages, & Lawsuits