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Prioritizing Your Retirement Savings with a 401k or IRA Plan

Security goes beyond insurance. Financial security is equally important. Let our financial advisor and team of experts help you plan for a safe and secure future for you, your family, and your business.

Our Financial Services

Our financial services are backed by a team of experienced, relatable, and passionate professionals. Learn how our team can help you plan your finances for the future below.

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401k Rollover

Our team can help you successfully rollover your current 401k, while providing you with invaluable investing options.

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Financial Planning

Our financial consultant are dedicated to giving you confidence in your future. Let our experienced team help you plan your finances.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning goes well beyond making a will. Learn how we can assist you in estate planning without adding stress to your life.

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Retirement Planning

Let us help you maximize your Social Security benefits, pension payments, and more to ensure your retirement years are fulfilling and enjoyable.

More Business Finance Services

Financial security is crucial for any business. At B2 Insurance, we offer a wide variety of financial services to help your small or large business thrive. Our specialists can streamline your insurance and financial services to provide you with the ease and convenience of one team of specialists.

Life Insurance

By streamlining your life insurance with your retirement planning efforts, you have a clear blueprint of your future. Let our team of experts collaborate with you to start thinking about life insurance today.

IT Consulting

Without security and management for your IT systems, your business could be at risk of losing valuable, proprietary information. Let us help you connect to a reputable IT consulting firm today.

Payroll Services

Eliminate the burden of managing your business’s payroll from your administrative team. Our team will help you find the best payroll services for your business with little to no effort on your part.

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401k & IRA FAQ

Looking at your future, there can be a lot of uncertainty. By utilizing our financial services, you can eliminate the unknowns of your future finances. To learn more about how our financial planning, 401k rollover, and other financial services can help you feel more confident in your future, read through some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Black Q IconWhat is financial planning?

When you choose to utilize financial planning, you will be able to set and meet your financial goals through proper management of your finances. This can include anything from taxes, living expenses, child care costs, insurance, and more.

With proper financial planning from B2 Insurance, you can ensure that you have the right amount of money in your hands for a more successful and stress free future.

Black Q IconWhat is included in a financial plan?

Our financial planners will develop a plan that will review your net worth, goals and objectives, investment portfolio, other investments, cash flow, 401k retirement planning, tax planning, insurance needs, as well as a separate plan to implement these changes in your life.

Black Q IconWhy is financial planning important?

Financial planning allows you to create meaning and direction to any and all of your financial decisions. With our financial planning services, you can take away some of the uncertainties in your life and ensure that your finances are exactly where they need to be for a comfortable future.

Adapting to life changes, meeting goals, and planning for the future are easy when you have adequate funding. By utilizing our financial planning services, you will be able to secure enough funding to combat life’s most pressing issues with ease.

Black Q IconAre there more ways to save besides a 401k?

Yes. There are many different retirement accounts and plans that can be used to help you save for retirement. A 401k is a retirement savings account that is administered by your employer. Both you, as the employee, and your employer make contributions to this account with pre-tax dollars.

Other retirement accounts have different limitations, qualifications, and terms, allowing you to find the plan that works best for your lifestyle. Some of the many retirement plans that we can help you with are:

  • 401k and 403b Retirement Plans
  • Pensions
  • IRA Plans
  • Roth IRA Plans
  • Annuities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Life Insurance and Retirement Planning

To learn more about these plans, please click here.

Black Q IconHow are insurance and financial planning related?

Insurance is one of the most important elements of any sensible financial plan. There are many different insurance plans that can help keep your loved one protected in different ways against the cost of illnesses, accidents, disabilities, and death.

Unlike other wealth management firms, our financial planners have expertise in both financial management and insurance to ensure that you are not only getting the best rates for your insurance, but that they are also accounted for in your overall financial plan. This added benefit can help you plan for your future all under one roof.

Black Q IconHow does a 401k affect my take home pay?

Depending on your financial plan, your take home pay may be slightly lowered. What many individuals do not understand is that because the funds taken out of your pay are pre-tax dollars, this means that your taxable income is lowered.

This lowers the amount of taxes you pay at the end of the year, which can balance out your slightly lower pay.

Black Q IconWhat is included in my estate?

Your estate is a collection of all of your assets. This can include items, such as:

  • Bank accounts
  • Real estate
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Furniture
  • Cars
  • Jewelry, and more

These assets can be owned solely by you or jointly with others.

The value of your estate is equal to the fair market value of the full collection of the property you own after debts are deducted.

Black Q IconDo I need estate planning?

Yes. Everyone needs estate planning, no matter if your estate is small or large. In estate planning, you assign someone, a beneficiary, to manage your assets and make healthcare decisions on your behalf if you are not able to do so on your own. Without an estate plan, a judge will appoint someone to handle your assets and personal care for you.

With the help of a professional estate planner, you can rest assured that your estate is in the right hands. They will have the expertise and knowledge to help you properly plan your estate and ensure that you have complete peace of mind.

To learn more about the benefits of estate planning, click here.

Black Q IconI don’t know anything about investing. Can I still plan for retirement?

Yes. Although you do not know much about investing, it is important to start planning for retirement as soon as possible.

Our financial planners at B2 Insurance can help you understand your investment options to assist you in your retirement planning. They will take away the stress of figuring out how much to save, how to save it, and what needs to be done to start saving and ensure that you can retire comfortably.

Sitting down with one of our financial planners can take away the uncertainties of your financial future.

Count on one team of experts to have complete financial security for your future.